iguana mama (32nd_flavor) wrote in rejected_alot,
iguana mama

new member...

1 name: emily
2 your wish nick name: jesus
3 your super power: um i canflex my toes in a weird way
4 boxers or briefs: depends on how much testosterone i had injected that day
5 age: 14
6 bands you like: is "kudzu" the right answer?
7 hobbies: your mom
8 books you like: who says I can read?
9 movies you like: the ones with like those pictures going across the screen...
10 favorite saying or your own saying: because i said so, biyatch!
11 complete this sentence
-i was walking down the street and i saw a car that was.... filled with michael jackson and some midget circus clowns giving him pleasure as he moaned sweet nothings about his former lover, mr. rogers.
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