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Фильмы 2012 Хоббит Неожиданное путешествие 
02:06am 24/08/2012

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boo hoo 
07:52pm 31/07/2005
  1 Natalie
2 Birdie
3 tropical lazer beams!
4 boxers
5 14
6 the honorary title, syllable,distilled silence,Billy Talent,Muse
7 writing
8 Lost Civilizations for Complete Idiots
9 Easy Rider, Better Off Dead, Pretty in Pink
10 "Life,what is it,but a dream?"-Lewis Carrol
11 -i was walking down the street and i saw a car that was a bright, beautiful, shiny orange, but then, it careened out of control and slammed into a fire hydrant, sending the water flying up into the air and crashing down onto the parched pavement below. Then,as if by magic, purple flowers started to grow from the cracks of the pavement, and grew so big that they shaded the pedestrians from the hot summer sun!

I got rejected from the Indie Rock community night_laundry. They seem to really like insulting people. ALOT. I almost cried.

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03:10pm 27/06/2005
  1 name - Danni
2 your wish nick name - ?
3 your super power - none
4 boxers or briefs - either
5 age - 16
6 bands you like - alot
7 hobbies - skating, playing drums, singing
8 books you like - The Giver
9 movies you like - alot
10 favorite saying or your own saying - Pansy ass butt muncher
11 complete this sentence
-i was walking down the street and i saw a car that was....the one that I saw last night (cant remember the name of it) but it was beautiful

For gits and shiggles
06:53pm 06/03/2002
  Hey if you do want to be part of a community you can join mine.. It's new and there are 9 auto accepts left at this time, so there's no fear of rejection. I ask the you do read the rules before joing though.

I apologize if this wasn't allowed but there was nothing in the info about no promoting

Are you dead sexy?

first 9 are auto accepts >:)

Age limit is 15 and up

please join 
09:06pm 10/09/2004

Please join my community_not_just_looks .. Because looking like Barbie isn't the most important thing in the world !


new member... 
10:36am 25/05/2004
  1 name: emily
2 your wish nick name: jesus
3 your super power: um i canflex my toes in a weird way
4 boxers or briefs: depends on how much testosterone i had injected that day
5 age: 14
6 bands you like: is "kudzu" the right answer?
7 hobbies: your mom
8 books you like: who says I can read?
9 movies you like: the ones with like those pictures going across the screen...
10 favorite saying or your own saying: because i said so, biyatch!
11 complete this sentence
-i was walking down the street and i saw a car that was.... filled with michael jackson and some midget circus clowns giving him pleasure as he moaned sweet nothings about his former lover, mr. rogers.
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05:22pm 24/05/2004
  1 kt
2 baby (like in dirty dancing- im totally obsessed)
3 x-rae vision
4 ehh neither
5 13... 14 next friday
6 ani, indigo girls, basically anything thats not played on the radio
7 knitting (yes its true), musical theatre
8 hum... i have a lot... anything virginia woolf and the count of monte cristo is awesome
9 dirty dancing (dur), bend it like beckham, meer har yi something(some indian movie), any musical especially barbara streisand movies, kissing jessica stein
10 returd
11 complete this sentence
-i was walking down the street and i saw a car that was.... ok so it was this really old redneck chrysler and it was blue like the original paint job and it had spinners... man it was so funnay
05:21pm 24/05/2004
  1 name-joey
2 your wish nick name-GI jane!
3 your super power- to tie a ballon with one hand
4 boxers or briefs- both at the same time!
5 age- 15
6 bands you like- blah blah blah
7 hobbies- acting guitar playing flirting
8 books you like- har i dont read
9 movies you like- kiss goes to mars!
10 favorite saying or your own saying- kiss my shiney metal ass! - bender
11 complete this sentence
-i was walking down the street and i saw a car that was.... blue.